The purpose of the BP19 Session Selection Survey is to give the organiser an indication of what potential conference attendees find most valuable and relevant.

In the last week I tried several form builders, but none of them offered all the features I was looking for.  COGnito Forms seemed to be best compromise, and it also allows designing the best looking forms.  Displayed the questions in a randomized order would have been useful to minimize the effect of sequence bias. The best solution I came up with was creating two versions of the survey.  ‘Survey A’ presents similar subjects next to each other, while ‘Survey B’ presents the proposals in a randomized sequence (randomized at the time of compiling the survey — each respondent will see the questions in the same sequence).

The surveys consist of four sections: (1) Workshops, (2) Sessions, (3) Talks, and (4) Preferences.  You’ll see a short explanation before each section.

Completing the survey may take up to half an hour, since you’ll need to read and understand each proposal’s title and short abstract to provide a meaninful opinion if you’d like to see that included in the programme or not.  You can save your progress wherever you are and resume later.

Speakers’ names are deliberatly missing. The idea is to filter out any bias you may have for or against certain speakers.  Based on survey results, the most popular workshops/sessions/talks will most probably make it to the programme, while the least popular ones will not be considered for the second round.  The second round of voting will thus include only the middle ground; workshops/sessions/talks that have been selected by a sufficiently large number of people or may be interesting only for a part of the potential conference audience.

Survey results will be taken into account, but the organiser will consider several other factors as well.

Thank you in advance for spending time on completing the survey.

Please make sure you complete it by Saturday night, 17 November 2018.