Online Translation Conference

Tickets for BP20 Online Translation Conference will go for 75€ per person, available from Monday, 6 April until Tuesday, 21 April.  The price covers all webinars and networking sessions from 21 to 24 April, i.e. four days.

The ticket also includes two chances to win the prize of a free ‘full package’ ticket to BP21.


Each masterclass is available for 55€, with a limit of 25 persons per masterclass.  The last 10 tickets in each masterclass will be sold at 70€.

Masterclass tickets also include two chances to win the prize of a free ‘full package’ ticket to BP21.

1-year access to BP Video Library

This item is now available at a special price of only 20€, but can only be purchased together with a ticket to the online conference.   After your payment arrives, you will receive an email with a unique URL to access the videos on Vimeo for a period of one year.  BP Video Library currently includes 95 titles from four conferences, from BP16 through BP19.  Recorded webinars of BP20 will be added about a month after the online event.


Please note that a 4.5% surcharge is added when you choose to pay with your card. Also, after 14 April, you’ll be able to pay only with a card, so the surcharge applies.  More details below.


Please note that a 19% VAT is applied in certain cases.  See below under a separate FAQ item for more details.