Networking sessions will take place in Zoom ‘meetings’, with several of these running concurrently. In fact we’re looking for volunteers to host such meeting rooms — you’ll find a more detailed description of this, together with a link to a survey, in an automated email you’ll receive after placing your order. Again, the necessary links will be added to the app a few hours in advance.

Networking sessions will take place for a few hours before 13:00 and after 17:30 every day from 21 to 24 April. Each of these time periods will be dedicated an overall subject, such as ‘specialties’ or ‘coping with the current situation’.  Within these we’ll have several concurrent ‘rooms’ where attendees can video chat with each other (e.g. ‘medical translators’, technical translators’, legal translators’, etc.)

Because of the way Zoom works, concurrently held meetings can only work if each of them are hosted by a different person. For this reason we’re looking for volunteers who would be willing to use their own Zoom accounts to set up such meeting rooms (we’ll help). Ideally you would also be present at these networking sessions and get the ball rolling.  No special skill necessary.

You will receive a more detailed description of the idea, together with a link to a survey, in an automated email when you place your order.

By default, you’ll be allowed to talk, use your camera, and chat during such meetings.  In order to avoid chaos, please wait until the current speaker finishes what she/he has to say. When you’re not talking, please mute your own microphone, especially if there’s any chance of a background noise (child, pet, phone ringing, etc.).   You can enter and leave any time.  Feel free to check out several such networking rooms, just as you would walk around a busy hotel lobby from one circle of people to the next. Screen sharing and recording will not be allowed.