How to ‘network’ on Zoom

We will have networking sessions before and after the webinars every day, i.e. before 13:00 CET and after 17:30 CET.  In addition, we will have a 30-minute ‘coffee break’ every day, starting at 15:00 CET.

We will have several concurrent meeting rooms (= video chat rooms) available, each with their theme or subject.  For example, one day we may have rooms based on specialties, i.e. one for medical translators, one for legal translators, one for conference interpreters, one for transcreators, and so forth. The next day we may have rooms based on languages, i.e. one Dutch room, one Polish room, one Italian room, etc.

You’ll find the relevant links in our event app and also on a password-protected page on this website.  Please do not share these links with people who are not registered for the online conference.  Any unauthorized access will trigger a notification to the admin, and the person will be blocked.

Best practices

Zoom does not support attendee profiles, so we have to be a bit creative.  You can upload a photo into your Zoom account, and a thumbnail will appear next to your name in the chat panel.  Since these images are small, make sure you use a headshot with a simple background.  Using a holiday photo on the beach is not a good idea, since you won’t be recognizable.

Since there are no attendee profiles, it may be a good idea to include some information about yourself in you screen name — such as your main specialty, your city/country, and/or your main language pairs.  When you log into Zoom you’ll need to provide your name, and this will be used as your default screen name.  You’ll see your screen name in the bottom left corner of your screen, just above the toolbar.  Right click to change it. So instead of simply ‘Jack Sparrow’, you may want to change it to ‘Jack Sparrow (Caribbean, pirate)’ to reveal more information about you, and to facilitate meaningful networking with other attendees.  For example, if you’re a translator in a niche field, you may find it useful to find someone else in the same field in a different language pair.

List of attendees

In the right-hand panel you’ll see several tabs: Chat, Questions, Polls, and People.  When you open the People tab, you’ll find a list of all attendees present in the meeting room.

Private chat and private meetings

It’s easy to start a private conversation (chat) with any other attendee, by simply clicking on their name or video frame.  It’s also possible to start a one-on-one meeting (with video), but we’ll need to find out how.  This paragraph will be updated soon.

You should refrain from using abusive language and harassment in public and private chats.

Event app

Our event app (by Whova) offers even more networking opportunities, see below.