The format

We offer three masterclasses before the online conference.  Two of these take place on Monday, 20 April, while the third one takes place Tuesday morning, 21 April.   All masterclasses last 3.5 hours, with an optional break halfway through.  Masterclasses will be held in the format of Zoom meetings, with every attendee using their cameras and microphones.

Masterclasses are limited to 25 attendees each, to allow presenters to better focus on individual questions.  Masterclasses will be interactive, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions or discuss specific business issues.

It’s a good idea to change your screen name to include your location and/or specialty.  You can do this by right-clicking your name in the bottom left corner of your Zoom screen.

In certain cases the presenter may ask you to share your screen. In this case click on the green icon in the middle of your bottom toolbar. A list of active software windows will appear, and simply click on the one you wish to share with the others. To return to normal view, click on the red bar at the top of your screen: ‘Stop sharing’.


Masterclasses are not covered by the conference ticket.  You can buy tickets under the Registration menu on this website.  With each masterclass you get one extra chance of winning a free ticket to BP21.

Number of attendees

Herman Boel’s masterclass is limited to 25 attendees, Corinne McKay’s masterclass is limited to 30 attendees, while Carlos la Orden Tovar did not specify any upper limit.