You can register for the event by purchasing the ticket under the Registration tab (this will be activated as soon as tickets are on sale).

Registration for the Event is completed once the ticket price is paid in full.

As a payment option, you may choose between direct bank transfer, TransferWise, and PayPal / bank card.  If you live in the EU, a direct bank transfer (SEPA transfer) may be the easiest/cheapest option.  TransferWise is a cheaper alternative, but this option works only between currencies; i.e. only if your bank account is denominated in a currency other than Hungarian Forint.  If you live outside the EU, PayPal / bank card may turn out to be cheaper. Please note that a 4.5% surcharge is applied to such payments to compensate for the service charges deducted by PayPal – but this is often less than what your bank would charge for a wire transfer.

To be honest, we prefer direct bank transfer.

If you choose to pay using your bank card (MasterCard or Visa), choose the PayPal option. In this case PayPal acts as a card processor intermediary, i.e. you don’t need to have a PayPal account to effect payment.

Bank details and other information to perform the wire transfer or TransferWise transfer will be provided in a confirmation email once you submit your order.

If you are based in Hungary, you can pay in HUF to our HUF bank account. The amount will be indicated in small print on the invoice.

In all three cases you will find detailed instructions during the ticket purchase process.

You can read the full text of our Terms & Conditions here