Within this page click on Register on the menu. You will see a yellow splash screen with a paywall. Simply click on the BUY button. You’ll need to create an account.

The videos will be available through a service called DaCast provided by inplayer.com.  Their secure payment page will process your payment.

When buying the item in DaCast’s payment processing widget, you will see two items, both at the same price (currently 39€).  Select the one that shows several tabs: this means you’ll get to see a series of videos rather than just one. After this, proceed with payment as usual.

You’ll notice that no invoicing data are collected and no VAT is added. This has to do with the fact that technically you’ll purchase the item via InPlayer.com.  After your purchase you will receive a receipt from noreply@inplayer.com.

You will receive a notification from shortly before the first video will be released (on 20 May, most probably 2 pm CET).  From this time you can simply log in using your login cedentials you provided at the beginning of the registration process.

3 new videos will be released every day between Tuesday and Saturday between 20 May and 1 June (exact times will be announced later). All videos, chat rooms, and slides will be available until 10 September 2019.

Prices:  The early bird price is 39€ until Sunday, 19 May, then it will be 49€ from 20 May onwards.