You’ll enter a prize draw

Every attendee enters a prize draw to win a free ticket to BP21 Translation Conference.

Each purchase is weighted: a conference ticket or a masterclass ticket gives you 2 chances, while if you add a 1-year access to the BP Video Library, you get 1 more chance.  For each batch of 300 weight units (‘chances’) we’ll pick a lucky winner of a ‘full package’ ticket to next year’s conference (= conference ticket + networking dinners).

Detailed explanation

Let’s suppose we sell 350 conference tickets, 60 video library permits, and 50 masterclass tickets.  In addition we carry forward about 200 attendees from the physical conference, i.e. those who already registered for BP20 in Nuremberg, and decided to attend the online conference.

This means a total of (350 + 200) x 2    +     50 x 2     +     60 x 1   =  1260 weight units.    In this case we’ll pick 4 winners.

Winners will be picked during the closing session of the online conference, using

BP21 location will also be announced during the closing session.   Prizes are non-transferable, and cannot be redeemed against cash.