Vienna is home to several world-class exhibitions, and chances are you’ll be visiting at least one of these.

Temporary exhibitions on the theme 1918-2018

1918 saw not only the end of the Habsburg Empire, but also the death of several famous artists who put Vienna of the map of international art around the turn of the century.

Painters Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Kolo Moser, as well as architect Otto Wagner all died in the same year. Now, in 2018, Vienna has an abundance of exhibitions dedicated to one or more of these artists.   Here’s a full list.

BP18 Klimt


650 years of the Austrian National Library

Marvel the founding codex of the library, fully written in gold in 1368, Mozart’s original handwritten score of the Requiem, as well as thousands of scrolls, manuscripts, maps, and photos at the “Treasury of Knowledge” exhibition.


And so much more…

Here is a full list of exhibitions and museums in Vienna.