Prices of tickets and other items are listed without Value Added Tax (VAT).

For events taking place in Germany a 19% VAT is payable on the top of the actual ticket price.

You will need to pay VAT (i) if you purchase your ticket as an individual, no matter where you live; (ii) if you purchase your ticket as a company based in Italy.

You don’t have to pay VAT (iii) if you purchase your ticket as a business based in any other member state of the European Union outisde Germany AND you have a valid VAT ID that exists in the EU’s VIES database; (iv) if you purchase your ticket as a business based outside the European Union. In this case it’s your responsibility to comply with your own country’s tax regulations. In some countries it’s sufficient to state that you’re an individual entrepreneur after your name.

How to make sure no VAT is applied to your purchase

If you’re eligible not to pay VAT according to the above, on the Checkout page click on the dropdown list under ‘I pay as…’, then select ‘business’.  (You’ll find the Checkout page during the shopping process after selecting your items.)

You’ll be able to enter your VAT ID below this field; make sure you enter it without a space (e.g. NL12345678).  Your ID’s validity will be checked against the EU’s VIES database.  This database in turn checks the validity in the national databases of individual member states. At certain such national databases may be down, just like any other website, for a few seconds, or, occasionally, for longer periods of time. We do not bear any responsibility for such events, as this is beyond our control.  Please check back after a little while.

Once your VAT ID is verified, the VAT amount will be deducted from the total, i.e. the VAT amount will be set to zero at the bottom of the page.  Don’t forget to tick off ‘I have read the conditions’.

How to make sure you receive an invoice with your VAT number on it

If you have an EU VAT number (e.g. IT12345678), you qualify as a ‘business’.  Simply select ‘business’ as explained above and enter your VAT number.

Soon after you submit your order, you’ll receive a pro forma invoice with your invoicing details.  As soon as your payment arrives, you’ll receive a ‘deposit invoice’ that you can use for accounting purposes.   Finally, after the conference you’ll receive a ‘final invoice’ that indicates your payment with a negative sign and the invoice amount with a positive sign, so you’ll end up with an invoice with a zero final amount.  This may seem redundant, but Hungarian accounting regulations require this distinction between a deposit invoice and a final invoice.

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