You can get the VAT amount refunded if you are eligible — basically if you operate as a business rather than an individual.

First of all, make sure you select “business” on the page where you’ll need to fill in your invoicing details. If your business is based in the European Union, you’ll need to provide a valid VAT ID (for example DE12345678).  The validity is checked against the EU’s VIES database.  If you select business and your VAT ID is valid, your VAT ID will be shown on your invoice that you’ll receive in an automated email from our invoicing system.

In taxation terms you’re eligible for a VAT refund if you are a ‘taxable person‘.  Read section 7.3 on pages 15-16 here.   Also read the official info here.   You can apply for a refund through your home country’s tax authority if you’re based in the EU, or by filling in form U5 (in German) by 30 September the following year.  If you’re based outside the EU but you can prove that you operate as a taxable person in your home country, send the above-mentioned U5 form by email or fax or snail mail.

The good news is you can also recover VAT paid in Austria on accommodation and restaurant meals that are related to business events.   Make sure you ask for invoices stating your business name and VAT ID.  See page 320 in this pdf (Deloitte’s guide on VAT refund in individual EU member states).

The minimum amount of VAT to be refunded must be 50€.

Unfortunately you’re not eligible for a VAT return if you purchase your ticket as a private individual – try to make an arrangement with a colleague who is eligible, and buy your tickets together.