[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are constantly looking for new speakers at future BP Translation Conferences.  Currently we recruit speakers for BP21 Translation Conference, scheduled to take place in April 2021 in Kraków, Poland.  We may also have an online event in November 2020 — this would be focusing on a specialized field, such as medical/pharma or legal/financial translation.

At both events we’ll have a range of different talks and sessions, including short talks (20-25′),  regular conference sessions (around 50′) and masterclasses/workshops (180′).

BP21 Translation Conference in Kraków

The actual conference will take place on 23 and 24 April, 2021, with masterclasses scheduled for 22 April.

Most probably we will have a number of short talks (9 or 12).  Think of these as TED talks for translators: you’ll have 19 minutes to present your talk, followed by 8 minutes of Q&A.  Short talks are presented to all conference attendees.

The rest of the conference is filled with regular sessions that run for 50 minutes in 3 parallel tracks. We will probably have 18 or 21 of these.

On the pre-conference day we’ll have 4 masterclasses or workshops that run for 180 minutes net.

Subjects: ‘BP’ stands for Business & Practice, the two broad areas that define our conferences.  Decidedly we do not cater for academic subjects such as linguistics.  Our audience consists of professional translators from a wide range of language pairs and fields, and the only common denominator is our professional approach to our profession.

Make sure you propose a subject that has practical and actionable information that translators can apply in their everyday work and freelance business.

Application deadline:  15 October 2020.

Compensation:   BP21 speakers will attend the conference, including the networking dinners, for free.

Possible online event in November

Encouraged by the success of BP20 Online, we’re considering another online event later this year, probably in November.  This will be a specialized event, focusing either on a specific field (e.g. medical/pharma, technical,  legal, financial) or on a specific language.

In the speaker application form you can indicate which field or language you’d be interested in.

For now we’re testing the waters and collecting potential speakers either for this year or the next. If there’s sufficient interest and a reliable pool of potential speakers in any of the subjects (or languages), we’ll go with that one.

Format: probably 24 speaking slots (50′) spread across 3 afternoons in 2 tracks.  Some of these may be split to two short talks (25′).  We may have time for up to 4 masterclasses (3h).

Application deadline: 24 August 2020.

Compensation:  There will be some kind of compensation (payment or a discount from BP21). More details when the online event is confirmed and announced.

Selection process for both events

We usually keep a healthy balance of old and new speakers, but even regular BP speakers are requested to present something new every time.  If you’re new as a speaker, and you have something relevant to share with a wider audience, BP welcomes you on stage.

Feel free to submit several proposals for both BP21 and the possible online event. Maximum 3 proposals per person per event will be considered (i.e. you can submit up to 3 for BP21 and up to 3 for the online event).

Potential attendees will have a say in the selection process in a two-round survey of proposed subjects.  In the first round attendees can vote on the titles and short abstracts only (no names will be shown to filter any bias).  Roughly the best 40% of the subjects will be shortlisted for the second round, when speakers’ name will also be shown.

The decision to accept speakers and their subject will depend on survey results as well as a number of other, non-quantifiable factors.