Nigel Saych: Ten commandments for translators

Nigel Saych_BP20_Ten commandments for translators

This is not another ‘How to get new clients easily’ promise, but a selection of things translators should do – and certainly should NOT do if they want new clients and agencies to take them seriously. It is the result of many years of experience as an outsourcer and translator, during which time I have seen many unfortunate attempts by translators to promote themselves. Of all the unsolicited e-mails I receive every day, many of them from highly skilled and capable linguists, 90% of them get deleted after the first few sentences. Even the most hard-hearted outsourcer doesn’t like doing this, so what’s the best way to give the information about yourself that potential clients will want to read? I would like to share a few tips and warn you of a few of the pitfalls that face the unwary translator.

Nigel Saych owns and runs a creative translation company based in the Netherlands offering 35 languages through its network of 105 language professionals. Nothing unusual about that, but Nigel is also (nearly) a full time translator and intends to remain one. It is his love of linguistics and not the obsession with administration that has encouraged him to create an organisation that is both successful and creative. Nigel has dismissed many of the conventions of company structure but still adheres to the golden rules of the translation profession; technical accuracy combined with human expertise. He has given many presentations throughout Europe and beyond, and has organised several conferences in the Netherlands.

The exact time and room will be announced by late March.