23 April: Workshops

Thursday, 23 April: Workshops

On the pre-conference day we’ll most probably have 4 workshops: two in the morning, two in the afternoon.

These offer in-depth and hands-on training on a variety of niche subjects.  Workshops last for a net 3 hours, with a 30′ coffee break (90′ + 30′ + 90′).

Interested in giving a workshop / masterclass?   Apply now! (until 15 October)

ATA exam (?)

We may host an ATA exam before BP20 Translation Conference if there’s sufficient interest for it.  ATA recently added new language pairs that can be certified, but the exam fee is also much higher than before.  You can find all information about certification exams on ATA’s website.

BP Translation Conferences are not associated with ATA;  we simply host their exam.  Please indicate below if you’d be interested in taking the exam.  If there’s a sufficient number of people by around mid-October, we’ll officially request an exam sitting from ATA.  As far as BP is concerned, we need to know this so that we can book the necessary room well in advance.

If there will be an ATA exam, it will take place in the morning on 23 April. In this case we’ll have a slot for a fifth workshop in the afternoon.

Walking tours

We’ll probably have some walking tours on the pre-conference day. Details later.

Welcome reception

We’ll have our popular pre-conference welcome reception at a venue outside the conference hotel, at some 5-6 minutes walking distance.  The capacity is strictly 200 people, on a first come, first serve basis.  Details later.