3 May: Short talks

On the second day of BP19 Translation Conference we’ll have 12+1 short talks for a single audience.  Each talk will last for 19 minutes, followed by a moderated 8-minute Q&A block.

The day includes two long coffee breaks and a lengthy lunch break, as well as a closing aperitivo right after the last talk of the day.

Click on the session cards to reveal more information about the subjects and the speakers.

The talks finish at 17:50, the closing aperitivo finishes around 19:20.

9:00 – 9:20


While you take your seats, Konstantin Kisin will keep you entertained as he prepares the stage for the day.  He will also host the Q&A sessions after each talk throughout the day.

BP19 Translation Conference - Konstantin Kisin

9:20 – 10:40

BP19 Translation Conference - Caroline Alberoni - How to impress clients and make them fall in love with you

BP19 Translation Conference - Olga Jęczmyk Nowak - Strategies to get more translation clients in a non-spammy way

BP19 Translation Conference - Susanne Präsent-Winkler -- How to raise your rates (and still keep your clients)

10:40 – 11:25        Coffee break

11:25 – 13:15

BP19 Translation Conference - Peter Oehmen - Dealing with difficult customers – conflict management for translators

BP19 Translation Conference: Jaquelina Guardamagna: The power of soft skills in a digital age

BP19 Translation Conference - Magda Phili - Bucking the trend of self-promotion (and still obtain the results you want)

BP19 Translation Conference - Vasiliki Prestige - Are you really a professional

13:15 – 14:30   Lunch break

14:30 – 15:50

BP19 Translation Conference - Sherif Abuzid - Productivity hacks for translators

BP19 Translation Conference - Francesca Manicardi - Do you diversify your business?

BP19 Translation Conference - Timothy Barton - Translation in developing countries: Threat or opportunity?

15:50 – 16:30  Coffee break

16:30 – 17:50

BP19 Translation Conference - Iwona Piątkowska - Effective time management for translators

BP19 Translation Conference - Carlos la Orden Tovar - Running a translation business as a restaurant: Tips for a balanced menu

BP19 Translation Conference Bologna: Csaba Bán: Bologna Perché

18:00 – 19:20

BP19 Translation Conference - Closing aperitivo

Later in the evening

There will be no centrally organised dinner on this day.

The good news is that the conference app allows for forming groups easily for fringe events such as dinners.  Go out with some fellow attendees and explore the culinary richness of Bologna.

Weather permitting, we could all meet later on in the evening on Piazza Maggiore (main square) and eat a late-night ice-cream.

And, if you fancy a party, we could go Qubo, an underground disco very close to the iconic ‘due torri’ (two towers).

(In fact, no venue above the ground is allowed to play music after midnight.)

Day trips and other activities over the weekend

Some people are already forming groups for day trips on Saturday and Sunday. So far there are day trips to Ravenna, Ferrara, and Florence.  (More details in the event app.)

Other proposed activities include jogging, a walking tour of Bologna, a night at the opera, and many more.

Some other people will continue their trip in Italy by travelling on Parma, Milano, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, and many mor fascinating destinations. Again, the event app is the best place to find travel buddies.