1 May: Workshops

On Wednesday, 1 May 2019 we’ll have four workshops for an in-depth immersion in some practical subjects. Each workshop lasts for 3 hours, with a coffee break at half time.

Workshops are not covered by conference tickets.  More information below.

All workshops and badge pickup take place in the conference hotel.


9:30 – 13:00

BP19 Translation Conference - Tess Whitty - Simplify your marketing efforts with a practical marketing plan - Workshop
BP19 Translation Conference - Jo Rourke - Social media for translators (who dare to be different)

14:00 – 17:30

BP19 Translation Conference - Sameh Ragab - Translation magician Tips Tricks - Workshop
BP19 Translation Conference - Dabid Garcia Ruiz - Multilingual SEO for translators - workshop

17:00 – 18:20

Badge pickup

For people who attend the welcome reception. You’ll also get your conference bag at this time. You’ll find the registration desk in the hotel lobby.

If you do not attend the welcome dinner, you’ll receive your badge and bag the following morning.

18:30 – 21:30

Waiting list (for certain workshops and a possible one-day ticket)

At least one workshop is now sold out, with another one to follow soon.    We’re introducing a waiting list for two reasons.  First,  someone may cancel their conference attendance altogether, in which case a spot at a  workshop may be freed up.   Second, currently we have two small meeting rooms booked for the workshops, one with 12 seats, the other one with 15 seats.    In case several people sign up for the waiting list for a workshop that’s already sold out, we may book a larger meeting room.

Some people may be interested in a one-day ticket.  For the time being we’re aiming at filling up the capacity with regular two-day tickets.  Since on Thursday, 2 May we’ll have sessions in 3 parallel tracks,  we may be able to accommodate some more people on this day.   By late March it will be clear if we introduce one-day tickets for this day.  The price is likely to be around 70% of a 2-day ticket.

BP20 Masterclasses: Pricing

Masterclasses are not covered by the conference ticket. In fact, you can attend any of the masterclasses even without attending the conference itself.

Prices below are guaranteed for the first 8 participants at each masterclass.  Subsequent prices depend on how fast the first 8 tickets are sold for each masterclass. They may remain the same or they may go up.


This is the price you pay when you don’t attend the conference itself.


This is the price you pay when you attend the conference as well. Apply coupon code ‘1mc‘ to get 20€ off the base price.


This is the price you pay per workshop when you attend two of them, and you attend the conference as well. Apply coupon code ‘2mc‘ to get 30€ off the base price of each masterclass.

+ 19% VAT

As with all other items, a 19% VAT is added if necessary. Basically you don’t need to pay VAT if you have a business registered in a EU member state (outside Germany), and you have a valid VAT number.

The price includes a coffee break.

Cancellation policy: same as for the conference itself.

The masterclasses take place in classroom layout, i.e. with a desk where you can set up your laptop.

All masterclasses take place in the conference hotel (Hotel Maritim, 11 Frauentorgraben, Nürnberg).

Welcome reception: Pricing

The welcome reception is not included in the conference ticket.

Repeat BP attendees love the pre-conference dinner, as this allows for an excellent opportunity to get to know other conference attendees in a friendly, informal setting.   For the first time in BP history, we’ll have a mobile app as well, so you can start networking even before arriving in Bologna — this paves the way for even more meaningful encounters when you finally meet everyone in person!

The price will be around 40€, to be confirmed soon.

Vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free meals will be available.