Welcome to BP17 🙂

Thank you for making the decision to attend BP17 Translation Conference in Budapest!

Create your profile

As a BP17 attendee, you’ll have a profile on this website, under the Attendees tab.  (You can opt out if you like.)

Your attendee profile includes a photo, a short bio, as well as up to 4 links to your website and social media pages/accounts.  You can change any of the information later if you like.

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Book your accommodation

Stay at the conference hotel or rent an apartment.  If you come to Budapest only for a few days, the most convenient accommodation is probably the conference hotel.   Check out the Venue tab for more information. You can also download a booking form there.

Alternatively, book an apartment with some colleagues to share the costs – this may be a better option for people who wish to stay at least 5 days in Budapest.

Book your flight

Budapest is connected to over 100 cities in the world with direct flights (with most of them in Europe). Wizzair serves the highest number of routes, and regularly offers a 20% discount on all flights.  Such discounts are announced on the conference’s Facebook event. Other airlines may also offer periodic discounts, so it’s worth shopping around.

Embed a clickable logo on your blog or website

If you’re proud to attend BP17, and you want to tell the world about this, here’s an image you can easily embed on your website.

Paste and copy the code below the image.  Default size is 300 pixels, but you may decrease this if necessary (to do this, decrease the value between quotation marks after ‘width=’).

BP17 Translation Conference Im going

<a href=”http://www.bpconf.com/welcome/”><img src=”http://bpconf.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/300-x-300-Ill-be-there-with-domain-name.jpg” alt=”BP17 Translation Conference Im going” width=”300″ border=”0″ /></a>

Start the conversation

While the FB event remains the most popular form of communication, it’s mostly convenient for one-way messages.

Good news is we have our Slack chat room.  Slack allows team members to share information and contact each other.  The interface looks very much like an old-school chat engine with various channels.  Only a username and a password is needed; a photo is optional.

This is great for random chats, as well as looking for room mates, and other practical purposes.

You can join Slack by invitation only.  Invites will be sent out once every day for any new attendees – then it’s your choice to join or not.