BP17 fringe events

A good conference is always more than just a conference

Frequent conference goers know very well that fringe events before and after conferences are equally important. In fact, some of the most fruitful connections are made at networking dinners.  BP Translation Conferences have been known for offering excellent fringe events.  Here’s what we have in store for this year.

Networking dinners

All conference passes include dinner on Friday, 5 May (at the cinema).   We offer two additional dinners: one before and one after the conference.

On Thursday we’ll have our welcome dinner at an easily accessible downtown location.  In addition to buffet dinner and drinks, we’ll also have a table dedicated to exchanging sweets from your home countries, and another table for swapping books.

The farewell dinner takes place on Saturday in the City Park, in a restaurant with some of the best views in town, overlooking a lake and a floodlit castle.  After the dinner we’ll continue with a party.

More information on both dinners will be published soon.

BP17 Translation Conference farewell dinner venue May 6

Walking tours

You can choose from a variety of walking tours before and after the conference: walks designed for first time visitors, repeat visitors, a gastronomical tour… and an evening boat ride.

Read more about the walking tours

Day trips

We’ll have two different day trips: one to Balaton Lake, and another to the Danube Bend.  For the first time we’ll also have a two-day trip before the conference, covering 2 World Heritage sites and 2 wine regions.

Read more about the day trips