Tiago Neto: (Speech recognition for translators)

Translation in transition

(speech recognition for translators)

Christelle Maignan is a translator-turned-coach who spoke, well, about coaching for translators at BP16 Translation Conference in Prague.  A good coach asks questions, just as Christelle did. Can you recognize the factors that change your career?   Are you ready to accept or even capitalize on these changes?

Some of key areas of this session include:

  • Translation in transition: a changing professional landscape
  • Personal development
  • Translators’ Change Management Wheel
  • Machine translation coming soon
  • Dealing with threats and opportunities
  • Complacency: the false sense of security

The speaker – Tiago Neto

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Tiago Neto - Speech recognition for translators

A veterinarian by training, Tiago has practised Veterinary Medicine since 2005, following periods of studying and training in Portugal, the USA and Switzerland.  He has worked as an official veterinarian from 2005 until the end of 2014.

He developed his business as a EN & ES >PT translator over the last five years, working almost exclusively in the veterinary medicine, medicine and pharmaceutical fields of knowledge.

Currently working as a freelance translator, he is now pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, focusing on new therapeutic approaches for several cancers using animal models, namely cervical cancer secondary to HPV infection.

A complete nut for motorcycles of almost any kind, he is also known for blatantly advertising Portuguese tourism and culinary traditions and occasionally making loud noises if allowed to grasp any kind of guitar.

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