Gabi Nagy: The efficient translator

The efficient translator

Gabi Nagy talked about efficiency hacks and productivity tools in her presentation at BP16 Translation Conference.

Some of the key areas

  • Everyday efficiency hacks
  • Building on your own strength, improving on your weaknesses
  • Organizing your time and desk
  • Ergonomy at a translator’s workspace
  • GTD – the ‘Getting Things Done’ method
  • Setting up daily/weekly/monthly plans
  • The ‘Year Compass’ tool
  • How to be a more efficient translator

The speaker – Gabi Nagy

BP16 Translation Conference - Gabi Nagy - The efficient translator - photo

This Hungarian lady loves being able to create a bridge between cultures, languages and people with her HU-EN-IT language pairs. It is not by accident that she named her brand – Chain Bridge Translations – after one of the main landmarks of her beloved home town.
She holds a BA in Economics, has a degree in financial and social science translations as well as a European Masters in Conference Interpreting.
She regularly interprets at diplomatic and EU-related events, conferences and press conferences, and was recently invited to the top Hungarian professional conference to lead a roundtable discussion on interpreting and be a panelist as the voice of a new generation of freelance professionals.
Besides professional excellence she enjoys riding her pink city bike, a glass of red wine in the evening and creating value through volunteering activities.

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