Inga Michaeli: Diversify or specialize? A guide to becoming untouchable

Diversify or specialize? A guide to becoming ‘untouchable’

Inga Michaeli discussed two possible strategies to cope with low workloads. Diversify or specialize? Or both? At BP16 Translation Conference she argued that you need to achieve an ‘untouchable’ status – so that you cannot be replaced by other translators.

Some of the key areas

  • Horizontal vs vertical diversification
  • Becoming ‘untouchable’
  • Four strategies to securing your status as a preferred translator
  • Practical hints and personal stories

The speaker – Inga Michaeli

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Inga Michaeli - Diversify or specialize - Becoming untouchable

Based in Israel, Inga Michaeli has translated over 220 titles – fiction, non-fiction and lots of DK and LP travel guides – as well as many hours of movies and TV shows,  academic articles and marketing texts in need of some oomph. She is a former Chair of the Israel Translators Association (2008-2010), has taught subtitling, literary translation and creative non-fiction translation at Beit Berl College and is a regular speaker at conferences in Israel and abroad.    Her main field of expertise (and true passion) is tourism and travel – she translates (English<>Hebrew) for major airlines, hotel chains, booking sites and other outfits, and is regularly featured in Hebrew travel magazines (Masa Acher) and newspapers (Globes), as well as English-language travel mags (Holyland and Discover Israel). She is member of the Israel Association of Periodical Press (IAPP), a member of Persona and owner of Wander Words.


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