Christelle Maignan: Translation in transition (Coaching for translators)

Translation in transition (coaching for translators)

Christelle Maignan is a translator-turned-coach who spoke, well, about coaching for translators at BP16 Translation Conference in Prague.  A good coach asks questions, just as Christelle did. Can you recognize the factors that change your career?   Are you ready to accept or even capitalize on these changes?

Some of key areas of this session include:

  • Translation in transition: a changing professional landscape
  • Personal development
  • Translators’ Change Management Wheel
  • Machine translation coming soon
  • Dealing with threats and opportunities
  • Complacency: the false sense of security

The speaker – Christelle Maignan

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Christelle Maignan - Translation in transition - Coaching for translatorsChristelle Maignan (@Coach4Tran)  has been freelancing as an English-to-French translator since 2004. She is a member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) and of the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a trained and qualified coach, Christelle founded  Coaching For Translators to help translators and interpreters reach their goals faster and more efficiently. She specialises in the human side of change and believes that we can adapt successfully to the latest technologies through a better understanding of the change process itself and of the various options available. To help with this, she developed the Future-Proof Translator webinar series,  which she is offering in partnership with  eCPD Webinars.

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