BP16 videos

Watch 26 conference sessions

Watch 26 recorded and edited videos of BP16 Translation Conference that took place in Prague in April 2016.

For the first time in the history of BP Translation Conferences, sessions were recorded. The edited videos are now available for any freelance translator or interpreter out there.

Be inspired to boost your business and productivity, get the lowdown on various practical tricks, and learn a few new skills.

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Available videos

The translation videos are approximately 50 minutes long, and include all presentation slides.

Below is a list of sessions that are available for watching as part of the package.  Check out our Youtube channel as well for a collection of all BP Translation Conference video clips.

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Lucja Biel - European Union EU translation BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Cécilia Charlier - Make your search for EU law a success - EUR-LEX
BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Sameh Ragab - Storyteller 1 - Practical technical hints for translators BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Sameh Ragab - Storyteller 2 - Practical technical hints for translators
BP16 Translation Conference - Oleg Rudavin - Personal financial management

How to purchase the videos

Currently you can purchase all BP16 and BP17 videos at a special price of 30€ for  limited time only.

1. Click on the Shop item in the menu, select the only item there, then proceed to the cart.

2. On the next page you’ll be prompted to provide your invoicing details.  If you already have a profile (by attending BP16 in Prague), you can log in with the same credentials, otherwise simply provide your invoicing details.

Please note that a 27% VAT is added if you’re based in the EU and make your purchase as an individual.  If you have an EU-based company with a valid EU VAT number, you can specify it here and no VAT will be charged. (Your VAT number will be checked against the VIES database.) (If you’re based in Hungary the VAT will be charged even if you make the purchase as a company.)

3. Proceed to payment: bank transfer, TransferWise, or bank card / PayPal. In this latter case a 3.9% surcharge will be added, but you’ll be able to access your videos almost instantly.

4. You will receive a special access URL in automated email that confirms your payment.

5. You’ll have access to the videos for a period of 6 months. You can watch the videos any number of times from any device.