Apply to be a speaker / Call for papers

Do you have something interesting and relevant to teach to your fellow translators?  

Are you an expert in a specific field? 

Would you like to speak to an enthusiastic and fun international audience?

We are constantly looking for new speakers to present at the next BP Translation Conference or one of our online events.


Translation Day’s Special ‘Big Party’

30 hours of continuous translation conference — for free.

Be part of this unique experience!

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Workshop Week

This is a new concept, fresh from the oven. BP attendees have expressed their wish over and over again that they’d prefer to listen to more in-depth sessions on a variety of subjects.

The idea is to have 12 workshops spread across 3 days on 7-9 October 2020.

Last-minute applications are accepted until 11 September.

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¡! (español)

This is our first event in a language other than English, and also the first online translation conference by any organizer.

Submit your applications until 19 October 2020.

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BP21 and other events


In all probability, BP21 Translation Conference will take place online.  Submit your proposal(s) for our flagship annual event.

We’re also considering other online events — either a 2-day event focusing on a specialization or a 3-day translation conference in a language other than English.


Tips for future BP speakers

Come up with a subject that’s practical, something that can be applied by professional freelance translators shortly after the event. 

Have a look at subjects at previous events on our Videos page.

We’ll provide some more detailed guidance for selected speakers.



We pay a certain amount to our speakers to compensate them for the time preparing and delivering their presentations.  This amount depends on the duration of the session (i.e. for workshops we pay more), and the number of tickets sold.

Selected speakers will receive more details — or feel free to contact us any time.


Tell us what you need

Would you recommend a particular speaker at one of our events? Have you seen someone at another event whom you particularly liked?

Is there a particular subject you think we should cover at BP?

Let us know!