BP25 Translation Conference for freelance translators in Kraków, Poland

























BP25 Translation Conference Kraków Krakkau Cracow Cracovie

Business & Practice for freelance translators

this time in Beautiful Poland

2 full days of conference + dinners + workshops + fringe events

Join probably the most popular training event for translators — we’ve been doing this since 2014



BP25 in Kraków :: 12-14 May 2025

Countdown to BP25 in Kraków








Call for Papers

Apply until 11 October 2024

Progamme announced

Throughout December 2024

Registration opens

mid-January 2025

BP25 in Kraków

12-14 May 2025

Call for Papers

Apply as a speaker at BP25 Translation Conference

F. A. Q. for speaker applicants

How BP25 speakers will be compensated

Each accepted speaker will get to attend the conference for free, including 2 networking dinners.  (A ‘Premium’ conference ticket that covers these will go for about 400-440€)

Accommodation and travel expenses are not covered.

During your presentation, feel free to mention your website / blog / services / book / podcast

The selection process

The evaluation and selection process consists of several steps. 

Step 0:  We will notify you before the application deadline (11 October) if your proposed subject falls out of scope or if it addresses a too narrow audience.  You’ll still have time to submit an updated or a brand new proposal.

Step 1: All applications will be collected into an anonymized survey, with only the titles and the short abstracts included.  Potential attendees will be able to vote on each proposed subject.

Step 2: The least popular 25-30% of the subjects will not be considered. The top 8-10% will be included in the programme without a second round of voting, while the remaining about 60% will be included in a second round of voting, this time with the speakers’ names revealed.

Step 3: We may conduct short interviews on Zoom with the applicants as part of the selection process.  Decisions will be based on the outcome of the surveys + interviews + other considerations, such as how we can include the presentations into the fianal programme.

Selection criteria and the process itself is much more transparent and objective than at most other events.

Tips on the subjects

‘BP’ stands for Business & Practice — these are the two broad areas that define the scope of our conferences. 

‘Business’ could be anything around client acquisition, client relations, rates, money management, business planning, etc.

‘Practice’ can be, just to cite some recent examples, terminology, cybersecurity, CAT tools, quality assurance, AI tools, productivity tools, or event work-life balance tips.

A key requirement is that you should talk about subjects that audience members can implement in their own businesses. 

We don’t have any annual ‘themes’ — we believe this would constrain the creativity of the applicants, and limit the number of applications.

Yet, each year we see a surge of proposals around a hot topic, such as client acquisition, SEO, or AI.

The audience consists of fellow freelance translators, with several different specializations and language pairs. The common denominator is the strive for excellence in the profession and the need to improve business skills.

Please note that theoretical and linguistic subjects will not be considered. There are plenty of academic events for presenting such subjects.

The proposed subject should be attractive for at least 50 conference attendees.  

Sponsors & Exhibitors

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