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Gain access to all videos of BP18 Translation Conference for just 30€ (+VAT if applicable) for a full year.  30 sessions, over 20 hours of content.  For 50€ you can watch all videos from the last three BP conferences.   The offer is valid for the first week after launching the videos, probably late September.  Sign up now not to miss this valuable CPD opportunity.

30 conference talks and sessions, 20 hours of valuable CPD content

delivered by some of the best speakers around, including Caterina Saccani, Gary Smith, Judy Jenner, Jonathan Downie, Jo Rourke, Nigel Saych, Tatjana Radmilo, Marek Pawelec, and many others…

Q&A sessions moderated by Konstantin Kisin


A detailed list of speakers and sessions will be published soon

Yes, we are insane, giving you access to 20 hours of video content from BP19 Translation Conference for just 30€*.

For a little more, you can watch videos from our last three conferences: 70 talks and sessions for just 50€*.

You’ll have a full year to watch all of these on Vimeo.

*+27% VAT if applicable. After the brief initial launch period, regular price will be 50€/90€.

BP Translation Conferences video offer

Where does your money go?

Whether you purchase the videos at the rock-bottom initial launch price of 30€ or at the regular price of 50€, your money goes into funding BP Translation Conferences.  We are not affiliated with and not funded by any national or international translators’ association, any EU or national institution, nor any CAT tool vendor.

This is a crowdfunding campaign to allow us to continue delivering awesome stuff to you.

Revenue from video sales will be used to improve the content and quality of next year’s video recordings by allowing us to invite even better speakers, using more cameras during the sessions.

Part of the revenue will be used to improve the invisible back-end that’s necessary to run an event for hundreds of people: we’re working on upgrading our CRM system, and we have several other ideas to implement in order to improve your conference experience.

In a Kickstarter campaign you would pay some serious amount upfront in exchange of a promise that you may receive a product or a service several months down the line.

Here, for a small amount, you receive 20 hours of videos from from what is probaby the most popular annual CPD event for freelance translators in Europe.   (Or, for a little extra, you can watch videos from the last three years: BP16, BP17, and BP18.)