Aleksandra Majkic

I have been a translator since 1999, and a court translator/interpreter since 2002. My preferred mode of being is entrepreneurship. Literature, Art, Travels, and Charity Work are some of my current interests and enterprises. I love socializing with amazing people. I live with my family in our family home on the banks of the Sana. Our summers are amazing, we spend them swimming in the river and having bonfires and barbecues late into the summer evenings. Our pets are always with us - a pony horse, a duck, two dogs and a cat. My great family consists of my fiance, my two brothers, my nephew and niece, and our parents. I adore sports, and practice Crossfit and Aikido (Iwama Ryu).

Ice breakers: Pets, Sports, Entrepreneurship, Travels

Native language(s): Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin
Working languages: English, Russian,
Other language(s): Italian, German, French, Spanish

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