BP17 Translation Conference - Paula Arturo masterclass - Translation Contract

BP17 Masterclass: Paula Arturo

130.00  65.00  excluding tax

Admission to Paula Arturo’s masterclass on contract negotiation

Thursday, 4 May, 2017.  9:00 to 12:30

Including a 30-minutes coffee break with snacks and refreshments


Product Description

The ABCs of translation contracts and negotiation

BP17 Translation Conference - Paula Arturo masterclass - Translation ContractsA contract is nothing more than an agreement that is enforceable by law, but reaching a legally binding agreement involves negotiating our Terms and Conditions wisely and effectively. There’s no sense in negotiating an agreement that we cannot enforce. Therefore, in this masterclass, we will learn how to apply Harvard’s Principled Negotiation Method to translation and how to draft a solid contract that is consisted with our business goals and negotiated agreement.

In this masterclass, we will discuss:

  1. The practical and legal implications of translation as an intellectual service
  2. How to apply the principled negotiation method to the complex business of translation
  3. The legal and practical logic of pricing
  4. How to draft a solid translation contract, including sample clauses

By the end of the masterclass, attendees will have acquired several negotiation strategies and techniques, as well increased knowledge of how to draft their own terms of service.