BP17 Translation Conference Miklós Urbán masterclass memoQ training

BP17 Masterclass: memoQ training

65.00  40.00  excluding tax


Admission to Miklós Urbán’s masterclass on upper-intermediate memoQ training

Thursday, 4 May, 2017.  14:00 to 17:30

Including a 30-minutes coffee break with snacks and refreshments


Product Description

memoQ training at upper-intermediate level

Be a memoQ guru!

BP17 Translation Conference Miklós Urbán masterclass memoQ trainingImagine a situation where a customer requires an urgent translation with the deadline of… yesterday. You work all night long, send your translation in the morning, and when you are just about to have some rest, you discover that the next translation project is waiting impatiently in your inbox already – deadline: yesterday! Sounds familiar, huh?

In situations like this, you just don’t have the time to get familiar even with the basic functionalities behind memoQ – not to mention the power features and productivity boosters that can speed up your work, help optimize your entire workflow – and, just maybe, spare you enough time for a well-deserved sleep!

The goal of this session is to give a generic overview of memoQ with special emphasis on features that you don’t necessary use on a daily basis; though they can make your life – as a freelance translator – much easier.

This course is for freelance translators with beginner and intermediate knowledge of memoQ.