Privacy Policy

You may optionally enter your e-mail address in the signup form to receive notifications on the Event from the Organizer from time to time.

Upon registration (i.e. payment) you will need to fill in several personal details. It will be clearly indicated which of these details will be published on the website in your attendee profile (your name, your short biography, and optionally any links to your social media accounts).

All other details are collected so that we can provide you with a better conference experience and for invoicing purposes. Such other details will never be published, and never will be sold, given or transferred to any third party, including conference sponsors. Such other details include your e-mail address, your invoicing details, your dietary preferences.

Your login credentials will be known only to you, not even the site administrator will have access to these.

Any attendee may appear on photographs taken and videos shot at the Event, and these may be used for promotional purposes for future BP events. Such photographs and videos may be posted on the website of a future event organized by the Organizer, and on social media accounts managed by the Organizer, notably on Facebook.  No attendee will be tagged on any such photos posted on Facebook, and no name will be mentioned.  Photos taken and videos shot by other attendees at the Event may be posted on social media.  It is each attendee’s personal responsibility to handle such photos and videos with respect to the rights of the people appearing on such photos and videos.

By purchasing a ticket to the Event, you acknowledge the acceptance of this Privacy Policy.