Joy Phillips

BP17 Translation Conference Speaker - Joy Phillips

Joy Phillips is a translator, an author’s editor and an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in helping fiction writers, researchers, companies, NGOs and government agencies convey their concepts to a broader international audience. Strong focus on climate and environment, IT and telecom, technology and innovation, and creative design. An inveterate bookaholic and irrepressible extrovert who has lived more than half her life over 9000 km from where she was born, Joy is fascinated by language, food, coffee & speculative fiction.

Session abstract

Isolated freelancer to networked translator: most of us are somewhere along this spectrum, and our attempts to master new technologies, find new clients, and understand market trends reflect that process. This trend holds true regardless of language pairs, target markets, or country of residence. Whether you’re hoping to solidify a freelance career, find other translators to partner with, or simply enjoy the company of like-minded linguists, connecting with other professionals offers many benefits. How can we learn from each other to make that transition as painless as possible?

This session is scheduled for Saturday, 6 May 2017