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    This is Csaba here, founder of BP Translation Conferences.

    Now we have a good old-fashioned forum integrated into the conference website where you can discuss conference-related stuff, such as room sharing, travel tips, what have you.

    After the conference itself this could be useful for keeping up the spirit, discussing what you learned at the event, and so on.

    See you guys in Vienna!



    Some Forum FAQ:

    Anyone can post and comment, even before registering for the conference. You’ll need to log in though.

    For the time being you cannot change your profile photo, this will be fixed soon. (At least I couldn’t change mine.)



    It’s alive!

    Thanks for integrating this into the site, Csaba. Nice to have it all in one place 🙂



    Thank you, Csaba! I like the idea of a forum as it’s easier to find things than on a Facebook page.


    Marina Mynts

    Hello guys!
    I`m a conference interpreter from Kiev, Ukraine.
    It`s the first international professional conference I attend, so I really look forward to meeting my colleagues and discovering how your markets work.
    Csaba, thanks for putting together such an exciting programme!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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