The event:  Independently organized BP Translation Conferences have been attracting high-profile freelance translators, interpreters, and agency representatives from around the world since 2014.

The audience:   300 people are expected from around 40 countries, with about 90% coming from Europe.  The most populous age bracket is 30 to 40 years, the majority of attendees have 10-15 years experience. About 85% are freelance translators, 7% are interpreters, 3% are students and faculty members, while 5-7% represent translation companies. (About 40% of all attendees come from DE/UK/IT/AT combined.)

The venue:  Bologna is a culturally rich Italian city that is easily accessible from around Europe. The conference takes place in a 4* hotel in the centre.

The experience:  BP conferences are known for their unique atmosphere generated by a critical mass of like-minded individuals spending quality time together in a fun setting in a professional environment. Attendees report they can make more meaningful new contacts here than at any other translation-related event.

Delivering your message:  Most sponsorship packages cover a number of channels in which you can deliver your advertising message to the audience.  A stand at the hotel lobby to meet translators in flesh; a dedicated page on this website and in the event app; repeated banners in the event app; an insert in the conference bag…

Event app: For the first time in the history of BP Translation Conferences, we have an event app – in fact it’s live already. The appp gives sponsors and advertisers an unprecedented means of communicating their messages in an engaging way to the conference crowd.

Extended audience:  We’re exploring the possibility of a virtual conference as well, bringing live streaming and online networking opportunities for many more colleagues. Until this is confirmed, any existing sponsorship deals cover exposure to this extended audience as well.

Contact us to receive our sponsorship packages for BP19.