F. A. Q.

BP19: Frequently asked questions

How much will BP19 tickets cost?

There are many factors to keep in mind when calculating the price of conference ticket. The single largest expense item is the rental price of the venues and equipment, while the most significant variable item is the cost of catering.

If all goes well, early bird prices will be by mid-December, while the tickets will go on sale probably on 6 January.

Tickets will be released in blocks. For example the first batch of 70 tickets will cost X €, the second batch of 70 tickets will cost X+30 €, and so on.

If you wish to be notified before the tickets will be available, sign up here.

When will the programme be available?

A preliminary programme, with about 80% of the sessions, will be announced in the first half of December, first gradually on our FB event page, then here on the website.

The remaining 20% of the sessions will be announced gradually, by late January.

Can I still apply as a speaker at BP19?

Yes, applications are open until 4 November 2018.

As a first step, please complete this short application form.

The selection process will take place through November.   All applicants will be notified.

When will more information be available?

More details will be published in the first half of November, both as additional F.A.Q. items and information on various pages on this website.

Watch out also for announcements on the our Facebook event page.