Call for papers

BP19 Translation Conference - Call for papers

‘BP’ stands for Business + Practice, the twin underlying themes of each BP Translation Conference.  This means roughly half (or a bit more than half) of the sessions and talks address a business aspect of freelance translation, while the remaining sessions focus on a practical subject.

Over half of the audience usually describe themselves as established freelance translators, some one third are at the start of their careers, while the remaining attendees are interpreters, LSP representatives, and other language service professionals.

If you have something relevant to say to next year’s conference crowd,  fill in the form below to apply.

What subjects are covered?

There’s no specific annual ‘theme’ of individual BP conferences.  You can apply with any subject that addresses a business or a practice related field that may be relevant for freelance translators (or interpreters). Academic subjects that are normally tought at translation courses at universities are normally beyond the scope of BP conferences.

As a hint, here are the sessions at BP18 (short talks and longer sessions) and BP17 (short talks and longer sessions).

Here is a list of possible subjects survey respondents wish to hear about next year at BP19:

Legal, medical translation :: Advanced translation technology :: Process Management :: GDPR :: MT :: Premium vs bulk markets :: Using corpora :: Effective marketing action plans :: Marketing to direct clients :: Negotiating prices :: Professional practices (quotes, invoices, interaction with clients) :: Outsourcing :: Quality assurance :: Adding consulting services :: ISO 17100 :: Efficiency management processes :: Transcreation workshop/masterclass :: Speech recognition software :: Video game translation :: Terminology extraction :: Subtitles :: Business ethics :: Subject matter training in various fields

… and many more.

Conference format

Based on evaluation survey results, venue and time restrictions, this is the most likely scenario and format for BP19:

On the first day we start off with 3-4 (maybe 5) masterclasses / workshops that run parallel.  Each of these last 3 hours, with a coffee break (so 2 x 90 minutes).  Maybe one of these will be replaced by two consecutive 90-minute workshops — depending on the results of a survey to be run in November to find out attendee expectations.

In the afternoon we’ll have six TED-like short talks for a single audience. Each of these will last for 20 minutes, followed by a short Q&A session. Three of such talks will make up a 90-minute block, followed by a coffee break, then we’ll have another 3 talks to round off the day.

On the second day we’ll have 12 longer sessions in 3 parallel tracks.  Six sessions before lunch will probably last for 80 or 85 minutes, while the ones in the afternoon will be allocated 70-minute slots.  These are substantially longer slots than in previous years, allowing better immersion in the subjects.

How to apply

Please complete a short form below. Please provide a title and a short abstract of your proposed talk/session/workshop.

Feel free to submit two, three, or even five different proposals — please fill in the form for each one of these.

The application deadline is 31 October 2018.

The selection process

Every year we receive more and more proposals; for BP18 we had almost 100 proposals to choose from.  The selection process is being improved every year, in an attempt to make the conference programme as relevant and appealing as possible.

Potential conference attendees will have a chance to tell their opinion of the proposals. A first survey will include the titles of all the proposed talks/sessions/workshops, without the corresponding names.  The idea is to keep about 40% of all proposals without any positive or negative bias that may be attached to any particular speaker.

In the second round of votes respondents will see the speakers’ names as well.

Each proposal will receive certain number of points, taking into account the results of the surveys, the novelty and the relevance of the subject, the speaker’s history of presenting at BP and other events, and a host of other factors.

Decisions will be made by the end of November.

  • We keep your name and your proposed session confidential
  • We never disclose your email to anyone