19 April: short talks

19 April: short talks at Gartenbaukino

BP18 Translation Conference Vienna GartenbaukinoThe first day of BP18 Translation Conference will feature a series of 20-minute talks followed by a brief Q&A session.  Most probably we will follow the format that proved to be successful at BP17 in Budapest.  This means the day will consist of a number of 90-minute sections, each comprising three short talks (20 minutes each).

After a brief introduction by our master of ceremony, the speakers will have the stage all to themselves. During the talk the members of the audience may use a mobile platform to type their questions that they may want to ask.  When they see an existing question that they find relevant, they can upvote this – or type a question of their own.  Once the 20′ talk is over, the main screen will show the questions, with the most relevant ones appearing on the top.

We’ll have have long coffee breaks and an even longer lunch break for better networking opportunities.

The day will probably start at 9:00 and finish around 17:30.

The cinema is located at 12 Parkring in central Vienna, opposite the city park, and right next to the Hotel Marriott, the venue of the second day of the conference.


Want to be a speaker?   Apply here.

A preliminary programme will be available by November.