17-18 April

Pre-conference warm-up

As usual, many people will arrive a day or two before the actual conference.  So far no fringe events are confirmed for these days – keep checking back to this page.  Below are some ideas what we might do.

Private guided tour in the Kunsthistorisches Museum

BP18 Translation Conference Vienna Brueghel BabelMarvel the 1563 masterpiece of Brueghel, showcasing the mythical edifice that gave rise to our profession.  We can have a private guided tour of the paintings gallery before the museum opens on Wednesday 18 April.   Ideally you can stay on with the same ticket in the normal opening hours to see the rest of the rich collection of this world-famous museum.

To be confirmed soon.


Walking tours in Vienna

We may have a walking tour throughout the the city’s historical centre, or you may explore Vienna on your own.

There’s another possible programme for the afternoon, but this requires more planing and negotiation, so it will be announced only when 100% confirmed.


ATA certification exam (?)

On the pre-conference day at all previous BP translation conferences we had an ATA exam sitting.  We’re likely to have one this time around as well, but still depends on a number of factors.  Hopefully to be confirmed by September.

Masterclasses (?)

This is another moot point, depending on a host of factors.

Welcome dinner

Still looking for a suitable venue.  To be confirmed later.

What is almost certain is that we’ll repeat the networking game introduced before BP17, but this time it will be organized more professionally.