Apply to be a BP19 speaker

We’re constantly looking for new speakers. The official call for papers will be announced in September, but you’re more than welcome to submit a proposal even now.

At BP Translation Conferences we present three possible formats: (a) short (20′) TED-like talks, followed by a moderated Q&A session, (b) longer (70’/80′) sessions in three parallel tracks, (c) 3-hour workshops / masterclasses. Please indicate below which category your proposal falls into.

You’re welcome to submit 2 or more proposals, but please fill in the form for each one.

Remember, ‘BP’ stands for Business + Practice. This means we prefer talks / sessions / workshops that deal with subjects that provide actionable knowledge for freelancers. Academic and theoretical subjects are usually not on our agendas, although you may convince us why your subject is an exception.

  • We keep your name and your proposed session confidential
  • We never disclose your email to anyone